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Bending time in the age of distraction.

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Time Debt: noun: The misspending of time—either consciously or unconsciously—in ways that ultimately lead to a life half lived.

What if you could have the time to do everything on your to-do list, and STILL enjoy the things you want to do, see the people who matter most, and do so without compromising your health, your money, or your relationships?

Yes, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. But there are people who seem to have more—as if they know a secret to Bending Time. Ever wonder how do they do it? We assure you; even if your life is a total mess, you can change lifelong patterns and find time in ways you never thought possible. There are rules and laws that govern this, and they can be learned, by anyone.

💜 Welcome, you Makers. Dreamers. Doers. Fly-by-your-Seaters! 💜 

Calling all future Time Benders and believers in Magic. In a galaxy of 100 billion stars, wrangling our schedules should be easy, right? Yeah. Not so much. We’re Linda Sivertsen & Bronwyn Saglimbeni, recovering Time Debtors. We know how complicated this is. Our schedules were once out of control.

Linda Then

“You are a Time Debtor!” said my friend Jade. 

What the what?

I wanted to argue immediately but knew there was no point. It was 2008, the year I’d pulled 60 all-nighters. It was ten o’clock at night, and I’d just made a pot of tea so I could do it again. I was grinding my teeth, losing my hair, and my eyes burned as if blasted in a sandstorm. I could say it wasn’t my “fault;” that I was responding to a string of bad luck—divorce, being a newly single mother to a devastated teen, racing to get my home out of foreclosure during the housing crisis. But truth be told, I’d been pushing the limits of my schedule, energy, and relationships for years. Money had always been tight. But because I felt I had raw talent that just needed honing (+ honing and more honing), if I just worked harder and faster, everything would be okay!

Yes, I was making some dreams come true. Yes, I was having some success. But really, I was mostly making other people’s dreams come true. All because Tomorrow was going to be so great! Tomorrow there’d be more time… for me, my goals, my marriage! Tomorrow was going to change everything—once we paid off our 2nd mortgage, once we had the big IRA, once we had enough to fund our kid’s college account, once we stopped fighting and somehow became more compatible. Then. Then. Then. Then. But just as we were four feet from our goal—after running back-to-back marathons—and experiencing more harmony at home, with fun things to look forward to (we’d started researching our first trip to Europe!), my husband of nineteen years bailed for another woman. Needless to say, everything came crashing down. And to clean it up, I became busier than ever.
So I did that for a while. Until it almost killed me.
Maybe you’ve been there, too (or are right now). Or, maybe—hopefully—your situation is far saner than mine. But ask yourself, are you making any of the mistakes I made? Here are six of my biggest whoppers:
Big Mistake #1
Believing I was a machine—expecting my body to do “whatever it takes,” just because it used to, or because someone else expected me to.
Big Mistake #2
Being so busy reacting to other people’s emergencies that I had little time for the prevention of my own.
Big Mistake #3
Forgetting to account for the “Shit Happens Factor,” answering calls I didn’t have time for, and failing to plan for unexpected detours and life interruptions that hijacked my mood and my day.
Big Mistake #4
Living in denial of the laws of Time & Space—physics, forever trying to cram a week’s worth of life into 24 hours. I’d been an adult for years, but I was still SHOCKED by how long regular, everyday stuff took.
Big Mistake #5
Being so haphazard with my schedule and focus that I’d fall into Time Shock—where I’d look up at the clock and say, “OH! My God. What just happened? I’m so sorry! I thought I had more time!” I’d literally LOST time. Like aliens had abducted me.
Big Mistake #6
Failing to keep track of the time I spent in relationship DRAMA—in and recovering from our marital dysfunction. The hours, days, years of struggling to stay together—work I thought was making us “stronger”—were for naught. Worse than an empty bank account, the reality was we were emotionally bankrupt.
Crazy, right? But this was my life.

You’re familiar with financial debt: wanting Something for Nothing. You don’t have the money, but you don’t want to wait and buy it anyway! The real definition of Time Debting is that TOMORROW will pay for TODAY. But the truth is that today needs to set you up to pay for tomorrow. Think about it. If you’re debting with time, you’re robbing tomorrow’s health for today. You’re robbing tomorrow’s relationships for today. You’re quite literally stealing your own serenity.  

Get quiet and tune into your heart right now. Is it possible you’re borrowing more today than you can really afford? We need to set our lives up so that tomorrow is better BECAUSE of today, not worse. If you’re on the hamster wheel and too busy to even think of such things, this course might just be for you. Let’s look at Bronwyn’s challenges—which are way different than Linda’s–and then we’ll check back in to see how things have transformed. Ahhhh.

Bronwyn Then

From Bronwyn: It was 11 a.m.-ish on a Tuesday morning, and I was just finishing up a nice Facebook-binge when I happened upon Linda Sivertsen’s TEDWomen Time Debt talk (Google it!).

As I listened to Linda speak, my mouth went dry. These words rose up in my throat: I am a Time Debtor.

I booked an emergency session with my therapist who I hadn’t seen in a while and told him about the concept of Time Debt. He looked at me a bit confused. I’m a pretty damn productive person on paper: I’ve coached over 175 TEDx, TED, and TED Global speakers, helping them deliver life-changing insights to millions of people. I get to travel all over the country giving my own talks on how to communicate with confidence, joy, and ease. On top of that, I’ve got 3 incredible kids, a husband with whom I’m very much in love, and a big, goofy golden retriever who thinks I’m Mother Teresa.

My therapist was probably thinking, Jesus, woman, what could possibly be wrong with you? I said, “I’m a Time Debtor. I feel like there’s more I’m meant to do and become. But I’m not reaching for it. I’m filling my time with things that are dulling my senses, and I can feel that better version of my life slipping away from me.” And then the tears came.
If Linda was Time Debting with overwork and toxic relationships, I was Time Debting with social media and OPP (Other People’s Problems).
Nothing juiced me up like someone else’s issue: Bad marriage? Troubled child? Toxic co-worker? Whatever. If you’re in pain, I’m ready to do “emotional dialysis”*—just pump your sadness and rage into me, and I’ll cheerfully spin it out to you clean and detoxed. But guess what I’m left with? All that rage and sadness.
And hours shaved off of my week.
And then there was social media to contend with. I had been writing my book for five years, without much progress, but if you had asked me what Reese Witherspoon and Cardi B. were up to, I could tell you in great detail. Because Instagram. That TEDWomen talk was the talk I couldn’t un-hear. It haunted me. It made me sick to my stomach. It made me get down off of the I’m-so-busy-and-productive high horse I’d been prancing around on for so many years. As I looked around at the women in my life, I began to see that I wasn’t alone in this. While in Time Debt to Instagram and OPP, I was seeing my friends Time Debt in countless ways. Over-volunteering at their kids’ school, ignoring their own needs. Or living vicariously through characters on reality TV instead of using those hours to plot the next juicy chapter in their own lives.
It got me thinking, How would the world change if we started getting out of Time Debt? How would our families change? Our communities? Our country? Our planet? I immediately got in touch with Linda, and the program you are about to experience was born.
*“Emotional dialysis” is a term coined by the brilliant author of The Caregiving Zone, Peggy Flynn.

Okay! Now that we’ve admitted how crackers we’ve been (ha), let’s see what’s happening now…

Linda Now

It’s been a few years, but I can still hardly believe that I’m in bed by 10:30 p.m. and sleep uninterrupted until I wake up naturally—usually early because I’m so excited about the creative day ahead that I can’t stay still another minute. If I work on weekends, it’s for my passion—scripting one of my books. (Btw, I can’t remember the last time I worked on anything—for myself or a client—that wasn’t FUN.)

My amazing man and I take more trips in a year (usually with our horses) than I took in nearly two decades of marriage.

For nine years I’ve worked 6-9 weeks annually in my favorite place in the world, Carmel-by-the-Sea California (where a chef serves us, and I don’t wash a dish). The people who show up to play with me—and pay me, wow!—are so talented, big-hearted, and adorable that many have become my closest friends. (This includes Bronwyn—see my point? #BestJobEver.)

At home in L.A., I nap most afternoons, usually with a puppy paw in my face (as it should be). My feet are in the grass or sand, and my face is turned toward the sun daily, several times a day in fact. I have the time to collaborate with my literary heroes on their books and on air for my top-rated literature podcast. My energy is stronger than ever, and my business has tripled. My grown son lives close by, and we see each other all the time ( = happy mama heart). My man and I are actively planning our wedding and our dream retirement home (although I’ve warned him I’ll never fully retire). In 8 years I’ve pulled a grand total of 2 all-nighters. (Once an expert, I’m now a rank amateur in the sleep deprivation dept!) Life is good. More than good.

Bronwyn Now

Inspiration. Exhilaration. Joy. Rest. That’s what my days feel like these days. I now understand how to direct and protect my energy, and am vigilant about guarding both. I give my “Diamond Time” (my best hours of the day) to the projects that are making the biggest difference in my life, and more actively manage the transitional periods throughout the day. As it turns out, my social media Time Debting stemmed mostly from my inability to easily transition from one focused task to another.

And remember my OPP issue (Other People’s Problems)? I was actually using OPP to avoid the blank pages of my book.

Fast forward 10 months: My manuscript is completed, and my book proposal is nearly done. Oh, and I also had time to co-develop an entirely new body of work… which is the program you are about to enjoy.
That’s the thing about time: when you learn how to honor it and your place within it, it leads you right into the heart of the life you know you deserve.

Ours are just two stories, but they represent two hands on the same clock. A clock that’s ticking.

We know you. You have plans. BIG ones. Things You’re Gonna Do…

And yet. Ever wake up in a panic, your to-do list screeching, worried you’ll never “find” the time to finish your Project X—that thing that secretly means more to you than almost anything? It could be your memoir. Starting that new business. Finding your soulmate. Being a more present, hands-on friend/lover/parent. That thing—or things—you thought you’d have handled by now, seeing as how it’s 2018 and you’ve been dreaming of it since you can’t even remember how long.

All you know is that time is raging by like a rushing river, but you’re so busy trying to keep your head out of the drink that… dreams? When? How? Have you seen my to-do list? How mad, crazy, cuckoo bird the world is these days? Even if I had the time, focus feels impossible to come by lately. So. Netflix. Chardonnay. Instagram. The Housewives of Who Gives an F. And 1,000 other behaviors you choose from to numb out and tame the beast—the one that can’t stop asking: What if I’ve been lying to myself all along about being able to pull this off? What if I run out of time?

You don’t have to know the term to be suffering from it. This “disease of our era” affects nearly everyone and is perhaps more prevalent and dangerous than financial debt. But like financial debt, where you spend money you don’t have, time debt is where you misspend your time – either consciously or unconsciously – in ways that leave you unfulfilled and ineffective, with a life half lived. You may have heard you’re going to live to 80 because we here in the West take such great care of ourselves, but guess what?
The average American:

  • takes less vacation time than a medieval peasant.
  • is chronically sleep deprived.  
  • watches between 2-5 hours of TV daily.
  • wishes they had more time for friends and family.
  • never gets to enjoy a long retirement* (30% die before age 65, and of those that retire at 65, 1/3 die within 2 years).  

And it’s not just us in the States! Sixteen other countries work longer hours than we do. Not to mention, people the world over lose hours, days, months, and years to the unhealthy relationships. So this is far from just a work or American issue.

Look! You might already keep a time log. You might have an app that tracks your hours. You might use your Google calendar and even get Siri to send you reminders. You might make your next day’s to-do list before you go to bed each night or have an assistant or set three alarm clocks that wake you up at 4 a.m.
But did you know that none of that is sustainable if you’re not in alignment with your true self?
One of the keys to Time Bending is to be so in alignment with who you are that your energy skyrockets and your enthusiasm and motivation go through the roof. The more authentic you are, the more everything FLOWS and the healthier and more resonant you become. There’s science—medically backed-up goodness—behind this! It’s not just us being California woo-woo here (although we are, in fact, very much Cali girls).

Know this.

 You are already a time bender by your very nature.

You can already accomplish your Project X.

You can have that dream you’ve been pining for—whatever it is!

Everything you need is within you. It wouldn’t be your dream if it wasn’t meant for you.

REGISTER NOW (1 payment of $500)REGISTER NOW (2 monthly payments of $275)
But what if you’re thinking, “I don’t want to be more productive! I want to be LESS productive. All I am is productive! I need time to F#CK off! I need space to tinker, daydream, mosey, and wander. I need to play!”
GREAT! Let’s make your Project X reflect those needs!

Maybe your Project X is that you want more serenity. Maybe your Project X is you want more fun. Maybe your Project X is, “Where did my friends go and what happened to that social life I used to have?” Yes, we believe in going to more movies while you excel at work and rest. We’re all about being more productive at creating time. Here’s to wanting a better quality of life. To have more moments with friends and lovers.

Time Debting doesn’t have to be about doing more unless the thing you want more of is free time. Self-care. Dates with your sister or dogs. Time where you get to read (or re-read!) your favorite book.

No one consciously wants to live void of energy and results. No one hopes to lose years of their life to crappy jobs, dramatic relationships, or detrimental habits. No one aims to pass this form of debting on to their children. Time debt is insidious, leaving most of us powerless.

But not anymore! Once you know the signs and remedies, it’s exciting to wake up, manage your time (vs. letting it manage you), and flip family scripts. You were meant to live in flow. Accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. And leave a legacy of beauty and ease to those who come after you.

Join us! You’re right on time!

We’re authors of the upcoming book, TIME DEBT: Reclaim Your Life, Live in Flow, an 8-week playbook for bending time in the age of distraction. We’re so excited to share how this information has transformed our lives that we can’t wait until the book’s finished and in stores. We want to make the most of our time and share this info. NOW. Because you’re here for big things. To make an impact. The world may feel like it’s spinning out of control right alongside your harried schedule, but there’s good news…

You’re here! And we are all about flow.

Flow allows you to accomplish the impossible, sometimes in mere minutes. Flow is having the perfect conversation that completely changes your life. Flow lands you in supportive, loving situations, where anxiety starts to feel foreign because everything—even challenges—prove to be perfectly timed.

In short, flow allows you to live your life turned on, lit from within, in the right place at the right time, deeply satisfied, and hopeful at last.

Welcome to our growing tribe of TIME BENDERS.

In this course, you’re going to transform how you relate to time and start living the life you were born to live! Included are lots of fun videos of our favorite Time Hacks… bringing to life new and innovative perspectives (we have no shame and if nothing else, we’ll make you laugh).

Isn’t it time you broke free from the loop of distractions and diversions that keep you at arm’s length—or miles away from—what your heart desires most? Recovering from time debt is easier and more fun in a group. With cutting-edge, time-tested tools and skills. And accountability.

We’re so excited to help you reclaim your time and your soul’s purpose. Your life force and energy will thank you. Here’s what is covered in the course.

What You Get

Master how to:

  • Navigate different Time Types: how your individual personality responds to unstructured vs. structured vs. hyper-structured time.
  • Take control over the time you do control and make the most of the time you don’t.
  • Drop into flow, allowing you to bend time.
  • Discern when to use fear as fuel, and when to use it as wise counsel.
  • Use the Freedom Five to safeguard the most important tasks of your day.
  • Spot energy-leaks and time sucks, and how to stop them before they stop you.
  • Create and actively manage time boundaries.
  • Tap the power of self-care and pleasure.
  • Resist the siren song of being overly social on social media and incessant email checking.

The Commitment

We’ve worked diligently to design a course that doesn’t take a lot of extra time, with results that get better over time. Think of this as a chance to reorient yourself to your schedule, and create a life that gives you more joy, more purpose, more energy, and incidentally, a lot more productivity. Having said that, we will be asking you to incorporate a few new rituals into your daily schedule:

  • 10/10: You’ll give yourself 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night to journal and reflect on the coursework/new skill of the day, and to note progress on your Project X. Here’s where you see—in clear terms—where you’re engaging in Time Debt, and where you are able to make progress as you morph from Time Debtor to Time Bender.
  • Time Tracking Sheet: You’ll receive a Time Tracking Template where it becomes crystal clear where your time is going, where you’re experiencing “time shock,” and ultimately, where you’re able to sail through time. By using this doc regularly, you’ll retrain your mind to perceive, utilize, and appreciate time in an entirely new way.
  • The Big Chill: During the course, you’ll choose one day each week to disconnect, replenish, and renew. Call it your Sabbath, call it your day of detox, call it anything you like! But it must involve an intentional slow down, a disconnection from the frantic state of things, and a turning inward and toward those you love.

Week 1: Get Time on Your Side

While mostly unconscious, we move through 4 different Time Types during our waking hours: unstructured, structured, hyper-structured, and transitional.

In session 1, you’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Get the most out of each time type, and how your personality relates—both positively and negatively—to each one.
  • Dedicate your “Diamond Hours” (your most productive energy cycles) to projects that move your life forward.
  • Spot your biggest Time Debt tendencies, and start to put the kibosh on those suckers.
  • Use the Freedom Five as your go-to strategy for safeguarding your most important tasks.
  • Consciously enter a state of flow, transforming each minute into one that matters.

Week 2: Get to the Heart of the Why

Where so many time management and productivity approaches fail is in their inability to get to the root of why we misuse our priceless minutes, hours, days, and years. Often, Time Debt is just a symptom of something much deeper and explains how and why our emotions can grip our schedules by the throat.

In Week Two, you’ll know how to:


  • Uncover the emotions beneath your behaviors so you can finally lessen their grip and experience healing.
  • Envision the person you could become by embracing these emotions, letting your future self create a nurturing plan of action to follow.
  • Recognize sabotaging beliefs and thought patterns, and replace them with mental narratives that turbo-charge your efforts, drop you into flow, and allow you to move a mountain (or two) in no time.
  • Use our Fear-Sifting technique, allowing you to work with what scares you, sorting the useful from the pointless… the reasonable from the crazy. This allows you to move beyond your fears and into a richer way of life.

Week 3: Name Your Project X and Start Making Progress

Each of us has something we’re ACHING to create, heal, or develop. Your Project X could be resolving your insomnia. Finding a way to bring fitness and vitality into your daily routines. Or manifesting a new (non-soul-killing) job. Perhaps your Project X is to finally pen that novel, travel to the Himalayas, or to build that business you’ve been secretly dreaming about for years.

In Week Three you will:

  • Name and claim your Project X.
  • Re-work your current schedule to accommodate this new, burning priority.
  • Bend Time by applying the Fear-Sifting techniques from last week as you begin work on Project X, freeing your mind and heart to make the most of each precious minute.
  • Establish metrics and an accountability loop to make sure you’re making powerful progress.
  • Create a pre-Project X ritual for dropping into flow, while leaving fear and procrastination in the dust.

Week 4: Find and Patch Your Energy Leaks

Most of us move through our days barely noticing what gives us energy and what zaps it. All we know is that by day’s end, we feel exhausted, depleted, and desperately in need of two martinis or three hours of Netflix to calm the heck down.

In Week Four, you’ll:

  • Become conscious of your energy levels, and who (and what!) charges your batteries, and who (and what) drains them.
  • Spot energy leaks, and learning how to quickly recharge and recover (no booze or TV necessary). The result? Abundant energy and complete clarity.
  • Establish and reinforce healthy boundaries, while maintaining your sense of kindness and graciousness. Saying “no” shouldn’t be hurtful. But it does need to be in your repertoire.

Week 5: The Pleasure Principle

Arguably one of the most powerful Time-Bending techniques is the Pleasure Principal (cue Janet Jackson). This week you’ll question your buried beliefs about self-care (and your general worthiness of it). Pleasure and self-care are a powerful productivity engine. Get ready to be at your most powerful this week.

In Week Five, you will happily:

  • “Fit” self-care into your complicated schedule. Hint: money isn’t necessary.
  • Hear your body’s whisper of need, identifying its signs and signals that all may not be well.
  • Work with that big heart of yours, honoring its needs, instead of ignoring or burying the uncomfortable emotions it sometimes serves up.

Week 6: Intuition & Gut Intelligence

This week we’ll identify, cultivate, and unleash the power of your strongest ally—your insightful Intuition. Intuition acts as a portal, a bullet train connecting you to your heart’s desire. Our culture worships at the altar of productivity yet ignores the very core of true productivity—the soul’s knowing of the Next. Right. Step.

In Week Six, you’ll:

  • Strengthen the voice of your own intuition, raising it from whisper status to identifiable, bankable insight from within.
  • Actively work with your intuition, circumventing unnecessary effort, while dropping you into the right place, at the right time, with the right folks.
  • Discern intuition from mental chatter as you live increasingly in FLOW.

Week 7: Service (Not Servitude)

Our goal in this series goal is not for you to become like a dragon, hoarding your treasure of hours and minutes. Our goal is to give you a better sense of time as your most precious, non-renewable resource.  In week seven, we examine how we want to serve the world, our community, our family, and those people and things that make our heart sing.

This week, we will:

  • Evaluate where your “service” time is going—is it true full-hearted service, or do you find yourself in resentful servitude? Who deserves your time, and who’s actually getting your time?
  • Restructure your service time to be more in alignment with your intentions for your life, allowing you to flow your energy into the places, people, and projects that renew your energy and sense of service.
  • Use the concept of Time Sharing—turning moments with family and friends into gifts that we give willingly and consciously, with an open heart.
  • Create pockets of time to work for the social issues that most concern you, moving you out of a state of complaining and despair, into a place of constructive micro-activism.

Week 8: Project X – Expansion, Direction, Manifestation

For the last 8 weeks, you’ve been untangling some very tight knots in your schedule, in your heart, in your body, and in your mind. In parallel, you’ve been devoting more time than you recently thought possible to your Project X—the one thing in your life you’ve wanted to focus on, but couldn’t (or wouldn’t).  

In this concluding week, we will guide you to:

  • Evaluate your progress on Project X. Has it shifted? Been completed? Revealed something even better… a Project X 2.0, perhaps?
  • Check-in with your success metrics, understanding where you succeeded, and where there’s still space for evolution.
  • Celebrate the time you’ve spent on YOU and your DREAMS! Envision, expand, and harness the power of intention to continue to manifest your grandest life, where you and your new Time-Bending prowess reign supreme.

You have goals. Dreams. Big plans.

The world is waiting for you. (Or maybe just your dog, kids, and hot tub. Whatever it is you wish you had more time for–that’s what’s on the other side.) Give yourself the gift of the time it takes to accomplish whatever matters most to you and play with us! We can’t wait, Linda & Bronwyn

About Your Coaches

Linda Sivertsen & Bronwyn Saglimbeni

Linda has a casual relationship to time, meaning that her heart doesn’t race if she arrives somewhere just in the nick of time. Unlike her father—who had a lifelong love affair with checking his watch, Linda doesn’t wear one and rarely schedules appointments until the afternoon (who in God’s name wants to open up a calendar before they’ve eaten lunch?).

Her friends know she’s totally cool if they show up twenty, thirty minutes late—maybe it’s a Hollywood thing—because she’s always got a book to read or write and everything still gets done, thank you very much.

Bronwyn has a formal relationship to time, meaning that her heart most definitely pounds out of her chest if she’s not within several feet of an appointment thirty minutes early, with all the time in the world to find a bathroom, call a kid or two (she has three!), and down a granola bar when needed.

Ahhhh, peace and order. Except for those aforementioned three kids. Yeah. There’s that. 

Both Linda and Bronwyn found themselves in the clutches of Time Debt for different reasons. Linda’s time sinkhole was due to emotional and dramatic love relationships and then spending time she didn’t have recovering and overcompensating. Bronwyn is happily married, but being highly empathic and slightly nosey, she has an addiction to O.P.P.s—other people’s problems. Oh, and she wrestles hard with getting hijacked by social media. While their casual and formal natures remain, Linda and Bronwyn have both found great relief, sanity, and kiss-the-ground effectiveness by healing their time debt. Making bigger things happen than they’d ever hoped, with far more joy and ease.

Now…for the formal stuff

Linda Sivertsen is the author, co-author, or ghostwriter of ten books—two New York Times bestsellers—and the host of the top-rated Beautiful Writers Podcast, where she interviews the world’s most beloved authors for heart-centered encouragement, street smart advice, and insider success (and failure) stories. Recent interviews include Tom Hanks, Maria Shriver, Van Jones, and Glennon Doyle. She’s the creator of the first-ever iPhone app for tracking the health of any relationship (The Boyfriend Log), and it was her TEDWomen talk on Time Debt (Google is our friend:)) that was the impetus for the upcoming book and this course.
When she isn’t writing, Linda helps birth book babies at her dreamy writing retreats in Carmel-by-the-Sea. She and her work have appeared in/on CNN, E!, Extra, the NY Post, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Family Circle, Teen Vogue, the Huffington Post,, etc. You can find her blogging over at (named Best of the Web by the Daily Muse). Linda lives in Los Angeles with her man and their menagerie of horses and perfect pups.

Bronwyn Saglimbeni is a communication coach, writer and speaker devoted to helping people SHINE (also an upcoming book). She has prepared clients for television appearances on American Idol, Real Time with Bill Maher, Bloomberg TV, CNBC’s Power Lunch, the Oprah Show, the Home Shopping Network, and PBS Newshour. She’s also midwifed over 175 TEDx, TED Global, and TED talks.

Bronwyn is a high-voltage keynote presenter, known for her playful, irreverent approach to coaching (and life in general). Her corporate clients—Oracle, Stanford, Pixar, United Healthcare, etc.—have been asking for a book for years and TIME DEBT couldn’t be more aligned or timely. When she’s not writing or in coaching mode, Bronwyn’s goal is to be the “eye of the storm” in a household of three children and a Type-A husband in the Bay Area. She spends an alarming amount of time listening to NPR, sings in a cover band, and secretly wishes she could write a novel, pen a decent song, and learn to speak Farsi. Not necessarily in that order.

What others say about Linda

“Sivertsen has wrangled creativity and she generously sprinkles it over everyone she meets.”

~ CARMEL magazine

“Linda could teach anywhere, and to much larger audiences… She knows what she’s doing.” ~ Terry McMillan, #1 New York Times bestselling author of How Stella Got Her Groove Back

“Her [Linda’s] brilliance as a writer is only matched by her magical ability to share her skills, expertise, and contacts. And deliver. Man, does she deliver!” ~ Taylor Dayne, singer/songwriter, with 18 top-10 Billboard hits

“Linda opened my eyes to be so much more open in my life. What she creates is magic. It’s just who she is.” ~ Tony Franklin, Author, collegiate coach, and “one of the most innovative minds in football,” according to the Wall Street Journal

“If Linda’s life were a movie, I’d call it a real-life, Hollywood female Horatio Alger story.” ~ Leeza Gibbons, Emmy Award winner and New York Times bestselling author

“Linda Sivertsen is someone everyone should know.”   ~ Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author and O, the Oprah magazine columnist

What others say about Bronwyn

“Lots of people have tried to teach me to become a good public speaker. All failed besides Bronwyn. She explained what a speech is supposed to accomplish, breaking the parts of it down – like a great film writing teacher…”  ~ Joel Stein, Journalist, Time Magazine

“She knows how to make a complex idea simple and repeatable. Don’t prepare for the most important talk of your life without her assistance.” ~ Theresa Payton, President & CEO Fortalice Solutions, Former White House CIO

“Bronwyn is amazing… I felt that I had an ally, someone who knew me and was there supporting me, putting wind in my sails.” ~ Dan Klein, Stanford Lecturer Graduate School of Business, Theater and Performance Studies

“I want to thank Bronwyn for helping me fine tune my on-camera presence and for making me feel so much more comfortable in front of the more than 25 million viewers every week on American Idol.” ~ Kara DioguardiFormer Judge on American Idol

“Bronwyn teaches that it’s not polish or politeness that makes a great communicator—it’s authenticity, courage, and a deep commitment to serving the audience and the world at large. Her approach and techniques have greatly helped me, and I know they will do the same for you!” ~ Darla K. Anderson, Oscar-winning producer, Pixar Animation Studios

“Bronwyn is like a powerful, wise spirit-deity miraculously able to transform even the most nascent idea… like mainlining a turbo-charged smart pill—she helps me uncover my best ideas.” ~ Doug Menuez, award-winning photographer, author of Fearless Genius


Week 1 Highlights

Frequently Asked Questions

How is content delivered?

You’ll get instant access online so you may work at your own pace, on your own time!

Each module contains a video and accompanying journal prompts and worksheets. We recommend setting aside 1-2 hours of time each week and integrating each module over an 8-week period. We also have a private Facebook group to support you along your time bending journey.

How long will I have access to the material?

We’ll offer lifetime downloads for all worksheets, audio, and video files–and tech support, too. The private Facebook group will remain open long after the course is complete so that you can continue your journey with like minds. During the course (and for a minimum of several months following), Linda & Bronwyn will offer weekly “office hours” to answer any questions you may have while transforming from Time Debtor to Time Bender–and to share their latest insights and time hacks as they complete their Time Debt book.

What forms of payment do you offer?

Pay with any major credit card.

What is the refund policy?

Your happiness is important to us. We have a 14-day refund policy. If you’re not fully satisfied, you may request a refund. To qualify, we ask that you show your work by sending us a photo of your logs and/or worksheets for the period of time you had access to the course, and give us an idea why it didn’t work for you. We thank you in advance for taking the time. A lot of love and resources went into developing this program for you and rather than establish a blanket, “No refunds” policy, we ask that you do us the courtesy of bringing your engaged self to the party.

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Live in flow.

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