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Reclaim Your Life, Live in Flow

An 8-week course.

Bending time in the age of distraction.

Bronwyn Saglimbeni

Calling all makers. Dreamers. Doers! If you keep getting distracted and taken off course with OPP (Other People’s Problems), procrastination, Netflix, and Instagram . . .

And if, in between the scrolling and the dreaming, you ache to stop sabotaging yourself (not to mention get aligned with your real-deal must-do’s) . . . we’ve got an upcoming April course just for you. You may have seen Linda Sivertsen’s TEDWomen talk on “Time Debt”, a little-known syndrome that affects nearly everyone. That was just the beginning…

The Time Debt Course is currently closed.

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The need to measure time has been in existence for ages.

Think about it. Time has been around a reeeeeeally long time. (Like, almost forever:))

Odds are, humanity’s always wrestled with misspending time. But never before has the urgency to heal been so great—both in our individual lives and for the natural world.